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Fusing heritage together with innovative business solutions the Group is a driving force in the South West with an expanding and broadening portfolio.

The Group has proven experience steering its companies to success across various services and products. Notable achievements include Somerset Passenger Solutions, a joint venture with First Group PLC to deliver mass worker movement services and Aegis West partnering with a global insurance giant to deliver bespoke insurance products.

JJP Holdings South West Ltd

JJP Holdings South West Ltd offers a wide range of experience with an expanding and broadening portfolio of services and products. A key driver is transportation where we look to grow the PSV, HGV and Rail sectors along with the associated services and products to provide integrated solutions.

Our values

  • Excellence: Going above and beyond to exceed expectations every time
  • Collaboration: Working together and supporting each other to achieve mutual success
  • Innovation: Forward thinking, bringing game changing ideas to fruition
  • Care: Small enough to care yet large enough to guarantee the client’s needs are met in full
  • Commitment: To our clients, our workforce and the local community, today and tomorrow

Since our involvement with EDF and the Hinkley Point C project the Group has gained further experience and knowledge which has complemented and augmented the way in which we work. The learning here and from other clients has allowed us to expand and broaden what we offer but not forgetting our core business which is in transport.

The recent growth areas are insurance and heavy haulage incorporating specialist solutions to recover stranded HGV tractor and trailer units and the largest PSVs. 

Whilst we grow we constantly revert to our core values and are mindful that we need to learn from our heritage, involve our workforce, offer value, provide smart solutions, deliver on promises and meet/exceed expectations in the process whilst caring for each and every client.

What we do within JJP Holdings

“Our vision has grown through family innovation, a strong commitment to ensure best practice and delivery. We demonstrate learning and excellence, we believe in our values which have developed over the years leading our group to be involved in many prestigious projects. We have always been very passionate about heritage, something that is at our core coupled with the our modern leadership allowing an agile responsive board to empower innovation and deliver.”

Jonathan Jones-PrattChairman, JJP Holdings South West Ltd