Working together to deliver Hinkley Point C.

Somerset Passenger Solutions are an EDF Energy approved Tier 1 status contract, providing all passenger transport requirements for the Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant project.

Company Overview

Somerset Passenger Solutions

Somerset Passenger Solutions (SPS) was formed in 2016 in a joint venture between the First Group (South West) and JJP Holdings South West; specifically, to service the EDF Energy Nuclear Power Plant, Hinkley Point C project. SPS is a current Tier 1 status contract, responsible for the management of the transport allocation system for the entire Hinkley Point C project. It is the responsibility of SPS to provide a first class passenger transport service for the workers at Hinkley, ensuring all travel is safe, comfortable and punctual. As part of the project commitments to the surrounding communities, there are no parking spaces for staff at Hinkley Point C to minimise the volume of traffic travelling on the roads towards Hinkley Point. Instead, SPS provide bus services and park & ride facilities across Somerset where passengers can board regular services to travel to site.

Working together with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce and the Hinkley Supply Chain, SPS are committed to providing a first class passenger transport solution for the workers at Hinkley Point C and are proud to be an EDF approved supplier.

SPS have just celebrated being awarded Gold for Best Local/Regional Supplier 2019 at the EDF HPC Awards.

More Information

Jonathan Jones-Pratt


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“It is our responsibility at Somerset Passenger Solutions to ensure the workers at Hinkley have the best journey to work possible so they arrive on site and begin their day with a positive, inspired attitude. Ensuring that we have friendly, smart drivers, comfortable well turned out vehicles is important so we give our passengers the best possible journey experience. There is a zero harm culture on site and that culture starts with us, because if we have a disgruntled passenger, they will not be in the right frame of mind when they get on site. That’s something that everyone has to be tuned into and understand when you’re building a nuclear power plant.”

Jonathan Jones-PrattChairman, JJP Holdings South West Ltd