Our Group

Explore JJP Holdings South West Ltd growing business portfolio below.

Crosville Vintage Ltd

A vintage bus and steam vehicle hire company

Somerset Passenger Solutions

A company providing passenger transport solutions for the Hinkley Point C project

Suffolk Passenger Solutions

A company set up to provide passenger transport solutions for the Sizewell C project

Somerset Coachline Ltd

A local bus and coach company

Aegis West Ltd

Insurance products/solutions

Kinlet Hall Ltd

Restoring steam trains

Vintage Rail, Road & Steam Ltd

Preservation of heritage transport and steam vehicles

JJP Heavy Haulage

JJP Heavy Haulage & Plant Ltd

Heavy haulage & plant hire company

Working together

From heritage transport services to innovative insurance broking products the Group is a driving force in business. All the companies share the group values: excellence, collaboration, innovation, care and commitment and their application and maintenance are closely monitored by the Board.

We work together with our clients and involve our workforce in the solutions, we pride ourselves in our people and their ability to work alongside the client and jointly provide answers to a range of problems.

We minimise email correspondence preferring to co-locate with our clients to solve issues immediately should they arise through face to face discussions, the outcome of which either removes or reduces the risk the outcome being the most cost-effective solution to the client.